Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm gonna be a grandma today


Yes, it's true, I'm gonna be a grandma today...well a step grandmother anyway. My stepdaughter is going in for a C-section today to deliver little Jackson Beauregard at 6:30 this morning. Where Beauregard came from is beyond me, I'm thinking it's probably a daddy-family name, at least I hope so because Beauregard sounds so totally southern and we're in Idaho.

Anyhoo, I'm completely weirded out by the fact that this 20-year-old girl that I've known since she was 5 is now going to be a mother, making me a 33-year-old step grandmother. My only comfort is that biologically I wont be a grandparent for quite a few more years since my kids are only 8 and 10 (and my step's mother will really be a grandmother...muahahaha), but it's still odd to think that I will be having sex with a grandpa in the very near future, albeit a 37-year-old grandpa, but still, it's the name that counts. Trust me, he's much more weirded out by it all than I am.

So, as soon as little Jackson makes his debut I will be sure to update with all the stats.

Oh, I do have to say, Beauregard may well have come from the Dukes of Hazzard since that was Bo Duke's full name, and I could totally see Tiffy (my step daughter) naming a kid after the Dukes of Hazzard. A little history, Tiffy's boyfriend's last name is Lucas. On Dukes of Hazzard Bo's full name is Beauregard and Luke's was Lucas. I'm nearly 100% sure they aren't naming their first child after fictional characters, but it's going to be totally fun to tell people they did.

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