Thursday, July 31, 2008

When labor distracts from the dictation

I'm sitting here typing this report and curious why doctors can't go somewhere nice and quiet to dictate. It doesn't seem that much to ask. Heck, sit on a cell phone in the bathroom and dictate if you need to, but please, please, please leave the room that's next to the laboring woman.

I'm sure we've all had those dictations where the doctor is dictating away while a woman screams and moans in labor somewhere within what seems a 2 foot vicinity. Uhmm, I didn't want to hear myself when I was in labor, I sure as hell don't want to hear some perfect stranger sound like she's being ripped apart or having sex, which disturbingly it sometimes sounds like. It sorta creeps me out.
Dictating in the ER should also be a no no. I hate hearing a screaming kid in the background who is obviously in pain, fear or both. It's distracting and disturbing and there needs to be some sort of rule. We need to start a grassroots effort here. Take a stand and start quiet dictation standards, or at least dictation standards where a doctor has to dictate in an environment that doesn't involve the TV, screaming kids, moaning labor and delivery patients, pets or major hospital construction.
That's it, now I'm back to my own personal moaning patient here. Yikes!


Suzanne said...

I totally agree with you. Doctors should dictate in a quiet, separate area away from all distractions. Count me in on the grassroots movement to make this happen. By the way kudos on your blog, as a fellow MT I find it very helpful.

medical transcription employment said...

I hear you; at least, I used to be able to hear you until I went deaf due to unanticipated background screams while transcribing (LOL). Also, what I really hate is when doctors whip out x-ray films; the noise they cause when being handled is nasty on the ears as well. I think all doctors should have to sit through one of their dictations. When I transcribed for residents, I used to give them a handout: A Do/Don't Dictation List. Bottom line: Most MDs don't really care about what we have to endure. Very short-sighted of them.