Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More employees in trouble for peeking at celeb med records

Well the UCLA medical record peeking fiasco just keeps getting bigger. Initially it was reported that around 60 employees were either reprimanded or fired for peeking at celeb records, now it's being reported that 120 employees have gotten in trouble for taking a look at records they had no reason to be reading.

The report released by the California Department of Public Health said that three staffers at the UCLA Medical Center continued to look at the confidential records of a celeb even after a crackdown by the hospital.

"The latest report said 127 workers peeked into celebrities' medical records without permission, leading to several firings, suspensions and warnings. The report also detailed the case of one employee who looked at the records of about 900 patients "without any legitimate reason" and viewed Social Security numbers, health insurance information and addresses, from April 2003 to May 2007."

So I wonder what celeb was peeked at the most and what the heck would be so interesting that so many people were checking them out.


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