Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why do my fingers sometimes work faster than my brain

One of the hazards of typing for a living that I've experienced is that most times on any given day, my fingers will work much faster than my brain.

Case in point, I have a hard time typing the correct word sometimes, even though I will attempt it three or four times because my fingers will do one thing while my brain is saying "whoa Nelly, back up there." In these instances my fingers always win out which is totally annoying. I will mentally know what I'm supposed to be typing, but there seems to be this one small part of my brain that will think it's supposed to be typing something completely different and for some reason my fingers listen to this itty bitty part of my brain. And yes, I will type the word over and over and over and my fingers will win out every time. It's actually kind of comical. I will eventually have to stop, look at my keyboard, and concentrate, then I can type the word correctly. Sort of puts a damper on my typing zone when this happens. The sad thing is it happens far more often than I would like to admit.

Another issue I have with fast fingers is that I will continually type the wrong word for certain words. These are words that I have in my auto-correct so that they will change automatically because I'm so bad about always typing the wrong word. It wouldn't be bad if the mistakenly typed word wasn't actually a word so that spell check would pick it up, but of course they are real words that if they ended up in the report the doctor would probably not be too happy about. For example count, I tend to type it without the O. Yes, it's a bad, bad word and wouldn't look very good in a finished report. I've tried to train myself to type count, but to no avail, my fingers work separately from my brain. Hmmm, six is another, I tend to type sex but I can't have a normal for sex because of course sex is a word that is used in my reports quite often, I just have to sort of hope I catch it when I type it.

There are so many words like that that are real words that I type accidentally in place of other words. It's annoying really. I wish there was some sort of finger retraining program, but I don't suppose there is; maybe I should invent one and become extraordinarily rich and famous. I guess it's just one of the hazards of typing for a living that I just have to accept or die trying anyway.

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