Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The MT mentoring/MT question project

Howdy, I'm starting a new project and would love help if anyone's interested.

I want to start a new mentoring project (or MT Questions project, whatever you want to call it) where MTs who have a question whether it be about the job, word help, help with a report, general questions, whatever would email me and I would in turn forward it to all the MTs on my mentoring list. Then if any of those MTs had an answer they would email the original questioner back directly. Does that make sense?

It would be a free service just to help out our fellow MTs. If you didn't have an answer then there would be no need to respond, just delete the email.

I love the MT forums that are around but sometimes they can be slow when you're in need of a question answered that's time sensitive.

If there are any MTs out there who would like to have their emails added to my growing list (doesn't matter if you've been doing MT for a month or 30 years, anyone can join) then email me here or write me at I would love to add your email to my list of wonderfully helpful MTs.

Thanks a bunch you guys, you're great. Shannon

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