Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Haha, I'm in trouble now

Oh I feel so important now, I was actually contacted by the photographer of the Sara Evans/Ray Barker wedding and asked to remove the picture I "borrowed" from People Magazine and put on my Nashville blog, how funny is that? I feel so impotent I mean important. I have no clue if she found me via Google or someone snitched on me and sent the lady to my site or what but I thought it was funny that she actually contacted me to ask me to remove it, I mean seriously, I get like two visitors a day so it's not like anyone's actually seeing it on my site but I guess artist rights are important and I totally respect that, although I feel like posting the picture on here just to see if I'd be contacted again. I'm so completely the rebel and I'm okay with that.

I must say I actually feel like in some small, totally weird and abstract way I've met Sara Evans, like one of those three degrees of separation things. You know like I know a person who knows a person who knows so and so. I'm such a tool. LOL

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