Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obsess much?

I'm a bit of an obsessive person, I don't mean to be but I am. Anything that I find that I love, I will absolutely become engrossed.

Now I've got these three blogs going and I'm having loads of fun writing them, but they are something new and I'm obsessing far more than I should and probably spending 10 or 12 hours a day working on them. Total craziness. It will get better once they aren't so shiny and new, at least I hope. Some people knit or crochet, I blog, or at least I do now.

I also have my celebrity blog over at CelebuCrap that I really love because I'm a crazy Perez Hilton and Evil Beet (as well as several other sites) reader and I like being a smart ass so I made my own site, but I just moved it over to TypePad and so I'm waiting for my domain name to finally work on my TypePad site, so just about every half hour or so I'm typing in my web address and worrying that maybe I did something wrong in the whole moving the www name over. Nothing computer related can ever be easy, which is tough for a blond like me. I just so hate when I get this way, it drives me crazy, especially considering that these things are just for fun and not meant to be taking up such a huge part of my brain function.

I'm usually an in-bed-by-10 kind of person but the last month or so I've taken up the bad habit of staying up until midnight working on these blogs. If only I could be so obsessed with work I'd have flippin' $3000 checks. Sigh.

Does anyone else ever get utterly obsessive with things like that? And sorry I've said obsess and obsessive so many times in this post but I'm so not in creative mode and I can't think of another word for obsess/obsessive. Anyway, I'm off to check my www name again. Wish me luck.

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