Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MT poem

My entry into MQ's MT week Tuesday contest. It may not be a computer winner, but I thought I would pass it on anyway just in case anyone else felt this way.

MT and me
I'm an MT and I work at home
I type up reports when I'm in the zone

Sometimes the doctors don't speak that clear
but I type it all up just as I hear

People often tell me "oh I could do this,"
I tell them, trust me, it's not always bliss

But I love my job as an at-home MT
To me it's just perfect, my cup of tea

I like that I'm here when my kids leave the bus
My clothing is easy, no fuss and no muss.

I work in my slippers, my sweats and no bra,
my hair in a ponytail, that's part of the draw.

It may not be glamorous or all that well known
and sometimes I feel crazy when I'm home all alone

But I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks,
my name in a magazine or a brand new truck

Because I'm an MT in my heart and my soul,
it's not just a job, it's part of me as a whole.
I like rhyming if you can't tell ;}

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