Friday, April 18, 2008


This is an old story from back in March but I still think it's relevant. Britney Spears being admitted is no secret, but what many people maybe don't know is that at least 13 employees were fired and many more were reprimanded for snooping. After the fact it was discovered that multiple celebrities had been snooped on including George Clooney, Farrah Fawcett, and Maria Shriver. The people snooping were not only underlings but also physicians, none of whom were reportedly fired.

I'm just curious how often this happens. Is there a lot of snooping going on? Would you be tempted to sneak a peak? How much of the information may have been sold? It's a scary thought. I know that at a couple of the hospitals I type for use a medical record system that is accessible throughout many different hospitals making it easier for the treating hospital to get medical records for their patient. It's very much a time saver and can, in a medical emergency, be a life saver, but what if it's a celebrity on one end and a nosey nessie on the other. Or what if it's a person on one end and a spiteful ex on the other. Are nationwide medical records a smart thing or just a problem waiting to happen?

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