Sunday, October 26, 2008

123-year-old transplanted cornea still sees

Wow, German engineering at it's finest I guess. Well technically it's Norwegian, but German engineering sounded better.

Bernt Aune’s transplanted cornea has been in use for a record 123 years — since before the Eiffel Tower was built. The amazing thing is, the cornea still sees, though not as good as when originally placed.

Okay, if you're like me then it sounds like Bernt is 123 years old. Nope, just the cornea. Bernt had his cornea transplant in 1958 from the body of an elderly woman who was born in June 1885. Doctors told him to expect the transplant to only last five years.

“This is the oldest eye in Norway — I don’t know if it’s the oldest in the world,” Aune, now 80, told Reuters by telephone on Thursday. “But my vision’s not great any longer.”

Well now that's gotta be one pooped cornea! {source}

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cord blood said...

Awesome news. I had a cornea transplant six years ago for kertokonis so this is definitely inspiring news. Go Corneas!