Thursday, August 21, 2008

Actor's gas could set heart attack awareness back

I love to blog, but sometimes I think that bloggers do more damage than good.

French Actor, Jean Reno, recently went emergently to the hospital with what was thought to be a heart attack. The gossip blogs and news organizations went crazy with reports of his massive heart attack. Then it came out this evening that he didn't in fact have a heart attack, but rather just gas caused by spicy foods. Now that's all over gossip blogs and news organizations.

I'm happy for the actor that he just had gas (and sorry for him that the whole world knows it), but I'm afraid that people will read the stories and remember that a heart attack might just be gas and wont get checked out for their own chest pains. I'm hoping that in the days or months to come stories don't start emerging of people who didn't get checked out by their physician or hospital because they thought they just had an upset stomach or heart burn.

Sometimes too much information is just that, too much information. I wish that the bloggers out there reporting on this story would do the responsible thing and post a link to the American Heart Association's warning signs of a heart attack. Maybe it would actually help someone.

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