Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wow, I've been a little lazy lately

Well I came on this morning and realized I haven't posted since July 8. I'm sorry guys, I've been so lax in posting. My goal when I started this was to post at least one item a day whether it was just me ranting or posting something happy or posting a cool site I've found, but now it's been five days since I've posted something new and I feel bad. Sooooo sorry. I'm going to have to up my efforts and get back to my goal of a post a day.

Anyway, I do have a great reason why I've been sort of neglecting this blog, well maybe not a great reason, but a reason anyway. Besides this blog I also have a funny blog that I just post to when I find something that tickles my fancy. On top of that I also have a celebrity gossip blog and a Nashville gossip blog. Well I don't know how many people like country music who read this, but when I started it like three weeks ago I came to realize that there are hundreds if not thousands of celebrity gossip blogs but maybe a handful of blogs about country music and most of those are mainly news with a few candid gossip type photos and posts. My goal was to have a gossip blog dedicated to country singers because that's what interests me. Yes, I'm the type of person who keeps gossip magazines in business, I can't help it, my life is boring so I live vicariously through the celebs, it's a flaw in my character.

So I've been posting and finding funny pictures and all of that. Then like a week ago the guy who runs AOL's country music website emailed me and said "love the site, I read it every day." I was like NO WAY!!! So he added me to his blogroll and I've been getting tons of traffic from that site. Then yesterday I got contacted about selling my first premium advertising. Woohoo!!! I have my celebrity blogs on Typepad which costs me monthly to keep them so the advertising will pay for my entire year of having my account with Typepad. Then yesterday I noticed that I was getting traffic from and when I went and visited they had a link to my blog in one of their "around the web" segments. DOUBLE NO WAY!!!! You can check it out here. It's the post that talks about flat irons and Keith Urban. CMT using my blog as a source or a go-to link is like MT Daily or uhmmm....I don't know, like the AHDI putting a link to my site in something they wrote, it's very exciting.

So there's my excuse for being slow posting anything here. I am going to recommit myself to posting here at least once a day though because I really do enjoy posting here too, just got a little sidetracked for a little while. Now I'm going to post the newest FDA update and then I'm off to a birthday party. Have a great weekend everyone.

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