Monday, June 2, 2008

Reasons I like to work at home, Gas Prices

I'm starting a new thing here, I'm going to start listing reasons I'm really happy to work at home, maybe as a sort of motivation to myself for those days I'm NOT so happy to work at home.

My first reason I'm happy to work at home is gas prices. Aren't they ca-razy? Gas just hit $4.00 here for the most part, some places still have gas for $3.97, but most of the gas stations are at $4.00 or higher. My husband has a huge gas guzzling 4-wheel-drive Chevy pickup but luckily he also has a motorcycle he drives to work on the nice days that gets like 70 miles to the gallon.

I couldn't imagine both of us having to drive to work every day, it would totally eat all spare cash. It's bad enough when I have to put gas in my car just to drive around and run errands, but luckily that's really only a couple of times a week.

I must say tho, as high as our gas prices seem, they could always be worse and more than likely will get that way. There is an interesting graphic here that shows the gas prices of some other countries. Wow, what an eye opener, and we in the U.S. actually pay very little for gas when you look at what those worldwide pay. The highest one on the chart is the Netherlands who pay on average $9.54 a gallon. Ouch, could you imagine?

There is an interesting article here called eight reasons you will rejoice when gas hits $8 a gallon, and I have to agree that in the long run $8 a gallon American gas would be a blessing for reasons such as it will jump-start people making fuel alternatives, mass transit will become more available, we'll become less dependent on foreign countries for our oil, etc.; but seriously, ouch in the short-term. My family would probably become very skinny because if gas ever hit $8 a gallon we'd be bicycling everywhere, and we live in the country so that would be one long bike ride.

Anyway, my reason for being happy I work at home today is rising gas prices.

Oh, btw, the picture above is not me, just a pic I found on Flickr.

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