Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My favorite online dictionary

I had gotten a new work computer and so had lost all of my bookmarks a few months back. The one bookmark I missed the most and always meant to search for again was my favorite online dictionary but something always came up. When I needed to find a word I'd think "Okay, I'm going to look for that now," but then I'd end up finding the word by just Googling it or whatever and I'd end up forgetting to search for my dictionary.

Well today I finally got it in my head that I was going to find that dictionary because I really did miss it because it was so handy. After a 10-minute search or so Googling medical dictionary, online dictionary, free dictionary, and probably a couple of other combinations of words I finally found it. Yay, it was like finding a long-lost friend. It's OneLook and it's great because if you put in a couple of letters with a * in it for the missing letters it will bring up a whole list of possibilities. Like let's say you're trying to find onychomycosis but you have no clue how to even start, you would just put in what you know for sure, something like on*mycosis or o*my*osis or whatever combo you want and it would work it's little brain and bring you up a list of possible matching words. On top of that it breaks the word possibilities into groups by what dictionary it's found in such as general, medical, tech, etc. Then the word possibilities are clickable so you can find the definition. It's wonderful and I'm sooooo happy I found it again. Now that I have the link here hopefully I wont lose it again.

Again you can visit the OneLook dictionary here.

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