Monday, June 23, 2008

Ha ha, my husband's a blond this morning

My husband likes to call me on all the blond things I do, it's like his little quest in life to tease me. It's one of his charms, he's really a 12-year-old trapped in a 37-year-old body. I do admit I'm completely blond (literally and figuratively) and I'm a bit ditsy occasionally (well a lot actually, but let's not talk about that now), so I really don't get mad or offended or anything by being called a blond in a teasing sort of way.

Anyway, my husband did something totally funny and totally something I would expect me to do this morning so now I get to rib him a bit about it.

Mark works for the county here and has a keyring to be envious of because it totally makes him look important. I don't know what all the keys are for, but I'm pretty sure he does. This key ring is one of those like you would see in old time jail movies with what appears to be 500 keys on it.

He has this whole routine in the morning that he showers, dresses, gets his coffee, puts his shoes on, watches the news a little, puts his motorcycle helmet on, checks his lunchbox to make sure I properly packed it (I assume that's what he's doing but I can't be sure), then he grabs his cell phone and key ring. He clips the cell phone on one side (or throws it in his lunchbox) and the key ring he clips on the other side. This key ring is completely important to his job because it has a key to every piece of equipment, every car and truck, every door to both the department he works for and probably also the landfill which he used to work for and still does things over there occasionally. I'm also assuming the ring has the golden key to the good bathroom with the really soft toilet paper, but again I'm not sure on that one.

Well at 7 a.m. hubby calls in a sort of panic "have you seen my keys." Uhmm, no, why would I? He's obsessive about making sure he grabs them. He'll forget his wallet but never his keys. "Go look by the kitchen, I'm sure I clipped them on but I don't have them."

So like the dutiful wife that I am I went and walked around the house, checked all the flat surfaces where he might have laid them, checked the bathroom, walked outside and walked around by where he parks his motorcycle, walked to the road and squinted up and down the road to see if I could spot anything shining in the sun, and then told him no luck, I didn't see them anywhere. "Shit" was his response before hanging up.

Now these keys are, like I said, very important to his job, enough so that he could get fired for losing them, at least that's what he's told me, although I have my doubts about that. Well after he hung up I ran around and looked some more and even checked my car just in case. I called him back again but got his voice mail. I offered to drive slowly along his route to work to see if maybe I could spot them lying along the road somewhere. Then I went back to work.

About 10 minutes ago he called back and said he had found them. Oh relief!!! Then I asked him where he found them at. Ha ha, he found them clipped to the other side of his pants, lol. That is so totally something I would do, like looking for my glasses and they're already on my head. What a dork. I feel better that he found them, at least he doesn't have to look for a new job or anything, but I'm happy that this happened because the next time he makes some smart ass comment about something I've done I can say "do you remember that time you lost your keys because you clipped them on the wrong side of your pants?" I have a feeling that will shut him up. Ha ha ha ha ha. I love wonderful Monday mornings....


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