Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have bad thoughts

Ho Hum, so I'm in a mood this morning, one of those bad moods where everything seems to work against me and I'm generally uncomfortable and having trouble sitting still and typing.

First off I'm sunburned. I'm burnt enough that I have blisters on one shoulder. I always do this when it starts getting nice out because I'm not in summer-time mode yet. I will burn once really badly before I take the hint and start carrying sunblock everywhere I go (hence the earlier post about sunblock). Both shoulders are burnt pretty badly, but my right is the one that is blistered. I'm sure most people have dealt with sunburns so you know how uncomfortable they are. I've been having the worst time sleeping because I generally sleep on my right side and my burn severely limits my comfortable sleeping positions from three or four down to like one, on my back, which for me is pretty much torture.

Then my underwear are so uncomfortable this morning. They are the same undies I usually wear, but for some reason they are riding up, bunching up, and just generally going places they shouldn't be. Underwear should be seen and not felt and mine are so felt today. Ugh.

Now my son is sick and in the bathroom with simultaneous puking and diarrhea. Normally this would not be all that bad, but he's 7 and for a 7-year-old it's kind of tough to manage icky stuff when it's coming out of two ends at the same time. Poor kid. On top of that it's three days until the end of school and so he's disappointed about missing his day of swimming at the local pool with his class today. His sister has an Idaho history trivia contest today so I have to try and call around to find someone to be my replacement as her cheerer onner for that which makes me feel bad. I guess I could just pass on whatever bug my poor son is harboring and have someone babysit for me instead of having them go in my place to my daughter's contest, but that somehow doesn't seem quite right, being the harborer of ick-bugs and all.

So my day has not started out very well to begin with. Then I get on to work and I've started out with foreign docs, not bad in of itself, but combine that with everything else and I'm having bad thoughts of typing things verbatim which would completely make the report useless and senseless because whoever would get stuck reading it wouldn't have the first clue why there were so many ands in a row, "the patient and and and and her daughter were rear-ended and and and and the airbag deployed and and and and paramedics were dispatched." Might be funny but I don't suppose MQ would enjoy getting a call from the hospital asking me to stop putting in so many ands.

So, do you ever get bad thoughts like that? Where you want to punish a doctor for their dictating ways? Just go ahead and type their phone conversation into the report that they've decided to carry on while they're still dictating. Or type what the doctor says while yelling at his/her kids. Or type in the bad stuff that they might say about the patient that they then ask you to delete. "The patient is a 43-year-old dumbass.....No that isn't right, better put instead the patient is a 43-year-old young man who was hit by a car while intoxicated."

I often times have bad thoughts about how to be a bad MT when I'm having a bad day (that's a lot of bads right in a row there, sorry, I'm not usually quite so negative). I suppose it would be the same for any job. If I was a waitress and was having an uncomfortable day like today, I'd probably have thoughts of stabbing people with spoons or spitting in their food or something equally evil. Of course I wouldn't actually do it, kind of like typing really bad stuff in my reports, but I would definitely think about it.

Of course it's days like this that I'm also very, very happy to work at home. I couldn't imagine actually having to put a bra on with this sunburn, ouch. I don't have to worry about finding a babysitter to be with my son and his pukey self while I run off to work. And of course, the big one, I could go and strip my underwear off and go commando if they bunch up and ride too high, not that I would, but I could if I wanted to. So despite all my bad thoughts I'm still glad I work at home. Now I'm off to clean up some gross stuff that is emanating from my poor son. Wish me luck.

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