Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy MT Week now that it's over

Well MT week has come and nearly gone again and I have nothing to show for it. Boohoo for me. MQ actually does a pretty fair job celebrating MT week and it's nice that they care enough to give out nice prizes, like really nice, as in laptops, trips, and cash in the form of gift cards. I feel sorry for myself though that I didn't win anything, but it's still nice that they try.

I do have to say it's a pretty good improvement over when I started for them nearly nine years ago. Since I've started we've gotten typing gloves that were too small, mousepads, lipbalm and lotion, a coffee cup, and hmmm, I think there was a clock in there along the way that didn't work, so this year and last year with their expensive prizes and not so expensive prizes, I have to say they're learning.

I must say though that in the future I could think of some nice gifts they could give to everyone rather than contests that only a few win.

* I would love to see raises across the board. There really doesn't seem to be set rules for how MQ gives out raises and it's one of the biggest problems I have with them as a company. Everyone needs a raise now and then, it's only fair. I've never had one in nearly nine years of work, crazy huh. I've asked nearly each time I get a new supervisor, but my supervisors never stick around long enough to implement anything.
* New keyboards would be a great gift. I know I go through about a keyboard a year and so getting a nice shiny new keyboard for MT week would be awesome.
* A new reference book. These are always a welcome addition. I don't use my books too terrible often because I Google everything, but still a new book would be great.
*Some nice noise reducing headphones would be a great idea.
* Let's see, what else would I love to get for MT week? Cash is always a nice gesture.

So if anyone reads this from MQ then these are my suggestions for next year. To everyone else, happy almost over MT week.

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