Friday, May 23, 2008

For the sucky dictator in your life

George Heymont is my new hero

You must send this link here to any and all doctors you know. You must forward it in mass form to all doctors at whatever hospital or office you type for. You must get the word out.

I'm telling you, you must do that, please, please, please. The link I'm sending you to so that you can send the call out for all to visit is a blog called dictation therapy for doctors. It has a simple reason for being:

Designed for health care providers who need to improve their clinical language skills in order to produce clearer and more coherent medical documentation.

In other words it's to teach the medical students, doctors, whoever to dictated properly. Yay, where has this guy been all my MT life?
The blog says "If you are a practicing physician, you are probably being referred to this blog as a firm but friendly message that you need help with your dictation. Consider that gift an expression of "tough love."
Amen to that. And the best part, they even have a store. The best way to tell a doctor he sucks at dictating is to buy him a funny little product that reminds him, like the button that says "Her weight has increased 8-10 pounds an hour for the last four years." I love it.

Now out you go to make those doctors better speakers. Get on the ball people, this should be your new sparetime hobby.

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